Earth, Wind and Fire - Near Yellowstone National ParkGrand Teton Reflection - This was taken at the during the sunrise near Schwabacher's Landing_VIN7816-Edit_IND3098_DSC0512-4_DSC0620_IND9183Majestic Spirit Falls - We hiked an unmarked trail for 2 hours to reach this majestic water falls. This place is ideal to visit during April-June time frame as you'll have dense green all around.Sleepless Seattle - In the summer of 2014, we decided to drive to catch a colorful sunset in downtown Seattle. This is as seen from Rizal Bridge in Seattle.WinXp Desktop - We were driving towards Palose Falls, and found this GEM near Washington and Idaho border.Reflection personified - A crazy sunset as seen from Bandon Beach.Sacred Path - We got lucky to catch this sunset on our way to Monument valleyDouble Rainbow - Just after a gorgeous sunrise near Portland, OregonTriple Introspection - Sunset in Miami, Florida in 2012Reflection - My friend and I ventured out at 1am in the morning at Waterville valley, NH_VIN4298-Edit_VIN2914-Edit-2DSC_0450-EditVIN_4470_DSC2949