_IND9179-2_IND9254_IND9183_IND9240_IND8459Majestic Spirit Falls - We hiked an unmarked trail for 2 hours to reach this majestic water falls. This place is ideal to visit during April-June time frame as you'll have dense green all around.Grand Teton Reflection - This was taken at the during the sunrise near Schwabacher's LandingReflection personified - A crazy sunset as seen from Bandon Beach.Frozen in time - A perfect performance.Frozen Palouse - We drove 4 hours on a chilly (-20F) winter weekend to find this hidden beauty.Frozen Palouse - CentrifugeWildflowers - Near Portland, OregonHidden Gem - The first glimpse of Spirit falls as we hiked below.Bandon Beach Sunset - Ad-hoc plan in the fall of 2013 led us to an amazing weekend near Bandon, OR.Dark Horse - Cloud formations were very unique, one of my first_VIN2548_IND9233-4_VIN456620100805-DSC_0418ARA_4297-Edit-Edit